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41.5" MTB (deck + enclosure system)

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The 41.5" MTB deck from Tomiboi Esk8 is a bamboo/fiberglass deck intended to be a real crowd-pleaser. The the soft and hard flex decks are 8-layers of bamboo thick including two cross-cut layers for medial-lateral strength. The stiff deck is made with 9-layers (7+2) of bamboo. Fiberglass cloth is applied across the bottom of the deck for added reinforcement and to customize the flex.

The deck is 41.5" from tip to tail and 10.6" wide at its fattest point. There are two truck positions, and the nose and tail are angled at 30 degrees with 29.5" of standing room between the bends. There is 0.5" concavity with an hour-glass contour. Lastly, the deck has a hair of camber.

The decks are finished with high quality stain, paint and epoxy. The tops are ready to grip, skin or frit right out of the box.

The enclosure is made from pressure thermoformed 2.5mm Kydex. Single and double-stack enclosures are available. D-seal is applied to the rim of the enclosure to keep dust and moisture out. All hardware and installation are included with the enclosure. The maximum battery capacity of the single-stack is 16s4p 21700 and the double-stack is 16s8p 21700.

The flex is based on a 175 lb rider. Flex customization is available. Just send a message. Naked decks and bulk-discounts are availabel as well.

Quick Specs:

Length: 41.5"
Width: 10.6"
Nose/tail angle: 30 degrees
Construction: Bamboo w/ fiberglass base layer
Concavity: 0.5"
Camber: 0.125"
Foot-bed: 30"
Weight: 5lb 12oz