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Puddin' Pop: 38.5" Twin, Drop-through deck

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Prefect for chasing down the ice-cream truck, the 38.5" Drop-through deck, "Puddin' Pop" is a low-riding, hot-rod with plenty of room for big wheels. It is a bamboo/fiberglass composite built from 6 layers of bamboo in the body, 4 long + 2 cross-cut. The 27.5 mm deep compartment is made from an additonal 12 layers of veneer including 3 cross-cut in the base for added strength. The deck is dropped 1/2" to get the rider a little closer to the ground while also providing front and back foot-stops. 

The regular fiberglass reinforcement for this deck is 6 oz. The heavy-weight reinforcement uses 10 oz. Both levels of reinforcement use 6 oz fiberglass accross the top of the nose and tail.

The compartment lid is made from verticlal-cut bamboo reinforced with FR4 fiberglass sheet. It is fastened in four places using threaded inserts, and the same bolts used for common skate-hardware. Four grooves have been made in the back of the compartment to assist with motor installation along with two wire-passes in the center for battery connections.

The grip is made from recycled glass-grit set in epoxy-resin. Black grip is availabel with fiberglass. The deck includes insets and bolts. !!!No additonal equiptment pictured is included!!!

The deck is available naked for people that would like to do the finish themselves, BUT it was designed as a bamboo/fiberglass composite deck and must be finished with the recommended amount of fiber-glass in order to perform as intended. !!!Decks sold unfinished will not be replaced if broken!!!


  • Six-ply bamboo in the body of the deck (4 long + 2 cross-cut). Twelve-ply for the compartment (9 long + 3 cross-cut).
  • Additonal layer of bamboo availabel for riders 200+lbs.
  • Customizable fiberglass reinforcement on the base, nose and tail (Woven fabric + epoxy/resin). 
  • Water-tight, hand-contoured, integrated-lid made from verticle-cut bamboo backed with 1/8" FR4 fiberglass. Fastened at four points with brass insets and standard skate-hardware for easy removal. 
  • The 27.5mm deep compartment can hold a 12s4p 21700 battery pack.
  • Black grip made from glass grit embedded in epoxy is available.
  • Eight colors of stain are available (201 colors availabel for special order!).
  • Dimensions: 38.5" x 9.75" x 2.5"
  • 1/2" drop
  • Weight (est.): 6.5 lbs fully finished


  • Add an additional layer of bamboo if you wiegh over 200 lbs. or if you would like a particularly stiff and sturdy deck.
  • Light-weight reinforcement will have some flex especially at the ends. Heavy-weight will still have flex, but not very much.
  • Heavy-weight reinforcement is recommended for off-road and dual king-pin builds.