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Murder-hornet: 33" Bamboo/Carbon-fiber Kick-tail Deck

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This is the infamous Murder-hornet 33" kicktail dressed up with a thick carbon-fiber base-layer. Depending on how it gets built, it could be a cruiser, a thrasher or a downhill bomber. The deck is constructed from six layers of bamboo including two cross-cut layers. Carbon-fiber is added to the bottom, and then the entire deck is sheathed on the top and bottom with fiberglass. It's a strong and sharp looking board. 

The enclosure is made from pressure-thermoformed, 2.5mm Kydex. D-seal is applied around the edge to help keep dust and moisture out. All hardware and installation are included with the enclosure.

The deck is finished with high-quality stain, paint and epoxy. Premium black grip-tape and clear frit are available. Several colors are available as well. Lastly, naked decks and bulk discounts are available. All decks are made to order and ship in about two weeks.

Quick specs:

Length: 32.65"
Width: 10.125"
Construction: Bamboo with Carbon-fiber base-layer and fiberglass sheathing.
Concavity: 0.5"
Camber/Rocker: 0
Truck width: 22-22.75"
Deck weight: 3 lb 10 oz