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The Murder-hornet 33" Kicktail deck (deck + enclosure system)

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Ships within 1-2 weeks

Named after everybody's favorite, homicidal insect, the Murder-Hornet is a 33" kick-tail deck made for psychopathic fun. Depending on how it gets built, it could be a cruiser, a thrasher or a downhill bomber. The deck is constructed from seven layers of bamboo including two cross-cut layers. A fiberglass layer is added to both the top and bottom for extra stregth and protection.

The enclosure is made from pressure thermoformed 2.5mm Kydex. D-seal is applied around the edge to help keep dust and moisure out. All hardware and instalation are included with the enclosure.

The deck is finished with high-quality stain, paint and epoxy. Black grip-tape and clear frit are available. Naked decks and bulk-discounts are availabel as well. The decks are made to order and ship in about two weeks.

Quick specs:

Length: 33"
Width: 10.125"
Construction: Bamboo w/ fiberglass top and bottom layer
Concavity: 0.5"
Camber/Rocker: 0
Truck width: 22-22.75"
Deck weight: 3 lb 10 oz