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Honey Badger 35" MTB

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What's this deck all about?

The Honey Badger MTB features a 35 degree nose/tail angle for a traditional MTB feel. The deck is 38" long and 10.75" wide. The foot-bed is 25" from bend to bend.

The deck's flex can be customized to the customer's specifications. Sheets of bamboo can be added or subtracted, the deck can be sheathed with different weights (4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz) of fiberglass, or a thick carbonfiber top/base layer can be used to get the flex just right.

Carbon fiber can be added to the Honey-Badger. Doing so allows for either extremely strong, flexible decks with an energetic bounce, or a stiff deck with just a touch of snap. There are two options for the carbonfiber upgrade. Option one is to add a 19.6oz layer to the base of the deck. This is a practical choice, but if you love carbonfiber, want an uber-strong deck and have some money burning a hole in your pocket, you can get "The Devil's Sandwhich". For that option a 19.6oz layer of carbon-fiber will be added to both the top and bottom of the deck. Both options include a protective fiberglass top and bottom layer.

The deck is finished with high quality stain and epoxy. The tops are ready to grip, skin or frit right out of the box. Grip and frit are also available options.

The enclosures are made from pressure thermoformed 2.5mm Kydex. Single and double-stack enclosures are available. D-seal is applied to the rim of the enclosure to help keep dust and moisture out. M6 Hardware, sealing washers and professional installation are included with the enclosure

Enlcosure Dimensions:

Single-stack: L20" x W7.25" x H1.25" inside, footprint L22.5" x W9.5"
Double-stack: L20" x W7.25" x H2" inside, footprint L22.5" x W9.5"

Honey-Badger Quick Specs:

Length: 35" Width: 10.75"
Nose/tail: 35/35 degrees
Construction: Bamboo w/ fiberglass top/base layer (Carbon-fiber top/base layer optional)
Concavity: 0.5"
Camber: 0"
Foot-bed: 25"
Weight: Flex dependent