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New Hubba-hubs from tomiboi Esk8!!! A more affordable alternative to aluminum, wide esk8-hubs. These will fit most 6-8" esk8 tires. They are made from extremely durable and light-weight, fiberglass-filled Nylon-6. They can withstand more punishment than Aluminum and stay true longer. Avaialble in black and very-dyable white. They will fit most wheel-pullys and gear-drives that work with MBS hole pattern. Includes nuts and bolts. Bearings and tires not included.


Width: 58mm

Diameter: 105mm

Weight: 193g

Material: Fiberglass-filled Nylon-6

Bearing compatibility: 28mm

Tire compatibility: Most 6-8" esk8 tires

Hole-pattern: MBS