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Ratcheting Toe-clips

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The ratcheting toe-clips are a new spin on bindings for esk8 and PEVs in general. They are made from super-sturdy fiberglass filled nylon-6. The ratchet allows you to adjust your toe-clips on the fly. They are ergonamically contoured and include foam padding for additional comfort. All mounting hardware and aluminum backed 1/4" rubber gaskets are included.

An experimental 3D printable adaptor for Summerboard/Freeboard decks is available here tomiboi78/SBbracket: A bracket for adapting Summerboards/Freeboards to tomoiboi Esk8 ratcheting toe-clips ( 1/4"-20 x 1' bolts are required as well as T-nuts that are only 8mm tall. Both can be found at local hardware stores.


2 x Ratcheting toe-clips (R,L)

2 x Adhesive backed foam pads

4 x Bolt, washer and T-nut

2 x Aluminum-backed 1/4" rubber gasket

A quick video of jumping around with the toe-clips:

A quick video of the toe-clips being thrashed:

A quick video of the ratcheting mechanism: