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Shortboard enclosure: Single/double-stack

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This enclosure fits shortboards from tomiboi Esk8 as well as many other decks that have an 80s street-skate style. It is made from thermoformed 2.5mm Kydex. Single and double stack designs are available. Includes gasket. M6 screws, sealing washers and threaded inserts can be added to your order. The inserts can be mounted using the enclosure as a template for the holes. To drill the holes use a  21/54" bit, and then an M6 bolt or screw can be used as a tool to twist the inserts into place. A small amount of expanding glue is recommended.


Check the diagram in the pictures. The single stack is 1.25" Deep throughout. The double-stack is 2" deep throught the body, but it tapers to 1.25" at the tail end.