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Trak-hawk race-deck for SRB Super-spine

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usually ships in 2-3 weeks

What's this deck all about?

The Trak-Hawk race deck from Tomiboi Esk8 is specifically designed for the Super-spine from Stooge Raceboards. It has several features intended to give the rider optimal control over the spine. First, the deck has a fair amount of W running down the center of the deck to help the rider lock in. Second, the nose has a slight incline to it as well as concavity. This equalls leverage, leverage and more leverage for the front foot. Third, the tail is ramped at 35 degrees with a touch of concavity. The concavity not only provides great leverage when leaning into turns, it also helps avoid wheel-bite.

The Track-Hawk is made with 7 layers of bamboo, 6 long-cut with 1 cross-cut. The bottom is reinforced with a thick layer of Carbon-fiber to keep everything thin and light. Then the entire thing is sheathed with 4oz fiberglass for super-strength.

The deck is finished with high quality stain and epoxy. The tops are ready to grip, skin or frit right out of the box. Grip and frit are also available options.

The deck will be shipped to SRB to be custom fitted to the spine. A flat-rate of $30 is applied. 

Trak-Hawk Quick Specs:

Length: 39" Width: 10.8"
Construction: Bamboo w/ Carbon-fiber baselayer and fiberglass sheathing
Concavity: 0.5"
Camber: 0"
Foot-bed: 35"
Weight: 7 lbs.